buy pistachio Ta-1299
Raw Pistachio Slice Recipe Ta-1299
Pistachio Kernel Slices Ta-1299
buy pistachio Ta-1299
Raw Pistachio Slice Recipe Ta-1299
Pistachio Kernel Slices Ta-1299

Raw Sliced Pistachios Ta-1299| 250 grams pack

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Produced in Iran 

Silvered pistachio

Unsalted pistachio kernels

Top Grade

Calories: 562 Cal per 100 gr

In the package of 250 grams (8.81 ounces)


The green sliced pistachios are raw and without shell, making them ideal for decorating cakes and desserts, adding to cereals, or just snacking on by themselves. Raw Sliced Pistachios Ta-1299 are grown and harvested in Iran to achieve the best flavor and taste. Harvesters obtain this product before they are fully ripe so that the green color of the kernel has not faded.

sliced pistachios Ta-1299

About Raw Sliced Pistachios Ta-1299

Sliced pistachios are one of the best pistachio export products in Iran, which are exported worldwide due to their green color, sufficient oil, and first-class taste. Pistachio slices are rated according to their quality based on their greenness and health, taste and oil, and the original pistachio tree. This product is made from premium pistachios

The unique taste and texture of pistachio kernel make it an ideal choice for local foods and sweets. Pistachio kernel is used in many traditional foods and sweets of this region. Pistachios are a sign of health and well-being and are full of health benefits. One of the health benefits of pistachios is that they are rich in carotenoids and can reduce the risk of disease, cancer, and eye diseases like cataracts. Due to their antioxidant content, pistachios can lower blood cholesterol levels and contribute to improved heart health. Due to their iron content, pistachio kernels are blood-forming, so those suffering from anemia should eat some pistachios daily.

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