Salted pistachio Ta-913
buy salted pistachio at the best price Ta-913
Salted pistachio Ta-913
buy salted pistachio at the best price Ta-913

Organic Salted Pistachio Ta-913| 1 kg pack

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran 

Premium salted pistachios

Contains powdered salts

In the package of 1 kg (2.2 pounds)


Organic Salted Pistachio Ta-913 detail

Pistachios are an essential and popular nut. Pistachio is one of the delicious edible nuts and is famous for its many health benefits. Organic Salted Pistachios Ta-913 are becoming increasingly popular among nuts lovers due to their high quality and freshness. We package this product in a way that prevents any damage to it. Salt type distinguishes this product from other salted pistachios. This product contains powdered salt, and this feature makes it a different taste from other pistachios.

organic salted pistachios

How can I store Organic Salted Pistachio Ta-913?

This product needs more sensitivity to maintain due to the kind of salt placed on them. So, before buying pistachios, be sure about the store you are considering. When purchasing nuts and pistachios, ensure they are purchased from reputable stores so that you will receive fresh nuts and that proper precautions are taken to store them.

Pistachios need more care, especially if you live in humid areas. So try to keep these pistachios in a sealed container and avoid storing large quantities. It is also better to store these pistachios in a sealed container and store them in the fridge or freezer to extend their shelf life.

Considering the tips presented for buying and keeping pistachios, you will not have any worries. It is possible to buy this pistachio from CyrusCrafts and store it for a long time without changing the flavor or taste. 

Pistachio by type
Round (Fandoghi)
Pistachio by Weight
0 to 2 kg
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