Decorative Plate/ Tray HC-1038
decorative plate for wall HC-1038
wall decorative plate HC-1038
Decorative Plate/ Tray HC-1038
decorative plate for wall HC-1038
wall decorative plate HC-1038

Handmade Metal Engraved & Minakari Decorative Plate/Tray HC-1038

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Dimensions: 25 cm

Primary Material: Copper

Coating Material: Polyester

Product: Isfahan Handicrafts

Techniques: Copper Engraving & Minakari

Application: Home Decor


This handmade metal engraved & minakari Decorative Plate/Tray HC-1038 is a new form of art and just recently made its way to the market. It has established itself as a top product in the market. Polyester is used for the cover to prevent discoloration.
Diamond carving or diamond metal engraving handicrafts are utensils engraved with diamonds and are turned into different shapes. Diamond cutting can be considered as one of the subsets of engraving handicrafts.

Decorative Plate/Tray HC-1038 Diamond Carving Technique

The art of diamond cutting involves mounting a pen with an extremely hard surface on which to engrave dishes with a diamond mounted. A wide variety of products have been created using diamond cutting utensils, with their novelty resulting in tough competition with other handicrafts.

Drawing the desired designs onto copper utensils is the first step in the process. After that, Engravers used diamonds for sculpting copper utensils for use in the same designs.

The Meenakari of the Decorative Plate/Tray HC-1038 

As a result of its artistic background, enamel production in Isfahan is of high quality, and many famous artists live and work here. People throughout the world are attracted to the MinaKari products of Isfahan, which include vases, fruit dishes, panels, and trophies. Material for these plates is usually copper, brass, silver, or gold.

The Price of the Engraved & Minakari Decorative Plate/Tray HC-1038

Hand engraving and minakari products are expensive due to a number of factors. All of the components, from the materials to the engraved photo or letter, to the special effects, like oxidation, which affects the color, are incorporated into the finished item.
As a result, calculating the price of this unique plate/tray becomes murky given the combination of two art forms.

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25 cm
Home Decoration
1 Reviews

Handmade metal engraved & minakari decorative plate/tray is perfect. The colors, patterns, and material used are perfect and handmade.
By Emery on 07/17/2022

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