Wall plate Decor with white & Blue colors HC-1646
wall plate decor HC-1646
Wall plate Decor with white & Blue colors HC-1646
wall plate decor HC-1646

Wall Plate Decor with White & Blue colors HC-1646

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Dimensions: 30x30 cm

Weight: 400 Grams

Primary Material: Copper

Technique: Hand-painted & Minakari

Product: Persian Handicrafts

Application: Home Décor | Wall Hanging | Office


The art of enameling combines fire, soil, and kiln with baked and bright colors. A new minakari is an art that decorates metals (and sometimes glass and ceramics) using transparent or opaque colors and materials. You can easily decorate your house, home office, or office with this eye-catching work of art. Moreover, this ornamental plate handicraft can make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones and friends.

Wall Plate Decor with White & Blue colors HC-1646 Details

Isfahan's enamel production is high quality due to its artistic background. It is home to famous artists as well. Iranians and people worldwide admire MinaKari products, including plates, vases, fruit dishes, panels, and trophies. A low price and a variety of products make ornamental plate products a popular choice for companies and organizations seeking promotional gifts for their employees. The most common material used for plates is copper. Master artisans from this region produce unique Persian handicrafts enameled in their workshops with the best quality.

In terms of appearance, this decorative plate can be divided into 3 parts. These parts include the following: 

  • Traditional baubles line the border of this product, and it is painted with royal blue, pale blue, mustard and a touch of white to enhance its effect.
  • In the middle part, we see two circular borders that separate this part from the other two parts. We also see 16 gorgeous designs on a white background.
  • This product has so many details that you cannot find a single flaw. All these details are designed and painted with high precision and in a similar way. These colors are also used in this section.

This product can generally be seen as a bright sun that spreads light rays from its depths.

How Decorative Enamel wall Plate HC-1646 is made

In order to fix the colors and glazes on the substrate, the dish is heated to about 800 ° C once the enamel work is complete. In order to ensure the enamel master paint adheres well to enameled dishes, glazing and heating are usually performed in four steps. This enamel plate is beautiful and exceptionally high quality, made by professional artists in Isfahan.

30x30 cm
400 Grams
Persian Blue
Home Décor | Wall Hanging | Office
Wall Hanging
Minakari (Enamel)
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