Modern Minakari Decorative Plate
Minakari Decorative Plate
Modern and Colorful Minakari Decorative Plate
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Modern Minakari Decorative Plate
Minakari Decorative Plate
Modern and Colorful Minakari Decorative Plate

Modern Minakari Decorative Plate HC-1945

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Dimensions: 20x20 cm

Primary Material: Clay

Technique: Modern Minakari

Product: Isfahan Handicrafts

Application: Home Decor


The minakari decorative plate HC-1945 is a piece of art made using fire and clay, adorned with vibrant colors. You can use these beautiful decorative plates to embellish your home or workplace. They are also excellent choices for decorating traditional spaces.

About the Modern Minakari Decorative Plate HC-1945:

The main difference between modern and traditional Persian minakari art techniques lies in the methods and materials used. In traditional min art, pieces are created using skilled hands, fire, and clay. This method is rooted in ancient artistic traditions, often selecting patterns and designs from local cultural heritage.

However, in modern mina kari art, different techniques and materials are employed. Instead of fire and clay, matte or transparent colored materials and advanced technologies like electronic coloring methods are used. Moreover, modern mina kari art often draws inspiration from contemporary arts and modern designs, leaning towards stylish and creative aesthetics.

Uses of Meenakari Decorative Plates:

Minakari decorative plates can be used for various purposes. They act as beautiful decoration pieces, adding aesthetic appeal to any space in your home or workplace. You can display them on shelves, hang them on walls, or use them as a centerpiece on a table. Additionally, they make great gifts for loved ones due to their beautiful details, making them unique and special.

Why CyrusCrafts?

Generally, the price of handmade artistic work depends on the materials used and the intricacy of the designs. CyrusCrafts, an antique store, due to its direct connection with Iranian artists and high credibility, can offer exquisite handmade minakari art products at the best prices to handicraft lovers in Canada.

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