Saharkhiz Saffron 2 Gram Pack
Saharkhiz Saffron Ta-1751
Saharkhiz Saffron 2 Gram Pack
Saharkhiz Saffron Ta-1751

Saharkhiz Saffron Ta-1751| 2 gram pack

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Retail & Wholesale

Produced in Iran

Premium Grade A+ Saffron

No Additives, Organic

In the package of 2 grams (0.07 ounces)

Guarantee of product quality and authenticity


Saharkhiz Sargol Saffron, 2 grams, presented with an iTQi three-star mark from the International Taste and Quality Institute, has reached the production stage under the meticulous supervision of the Saharkhiz Quality Control Unit. This product stands as a pinnacle from the selection of saffron bulbs with precise weight and devoid of moisture in the saffron industry.

Saharkhiz Pure Saffron Ta-1751

Utilizing the most advanced technological methods is among the advantages of Saharkhiz 2-gram Sargol Saffron, ensuring the highest standard of color and fragrance consistency across all seasons. Health and quality tests for this product have been conducted by other laboratories as well. With a unique and advanced process, the packaging of this product is environmentally friendly and designed for recyclability. Additionally, crimson and high-quality saffron threads have been chosen for easier milling, preventing any damage to the product during handling.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts Gourmet Store is a premier destination for procuring saffron at highly competitive prices in Canada and the United States. At CyrusCrafts, we guarantee an exquisite and unparalleled taste experience, allowing you to impress your guests with an extraordinary culinary journey.

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