Saharkhiz  Saffron 9.2 Grams
Saharkhiz  Saffron 9.2 Gram Pack
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Saharkhiz  Saffron 9.2 Grams
Saharkhiz  Saffron 9.2 Gram Pack

Saharkhiz Gift Pack Saffron Ta-1753| 9.2 gram pack

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Retail & Wholesale

Produced in Iran

Premium Grade A+ Saffron

No Additives, Organic

In the package of 9.2 grams (0.32 ounces)

Guarantee of product quality and authenticity


As a valuable spice, Saffron has numerous applications in cooking, medicine, and even the beauty industry. Every gram of this product guarantees Saffron's decadent and unique aroma and flavor.

Saharkhiz Pure Saffron Ta-1753

Saffron, 9 grams by Saharkhiz, is one of the prominent products of this reputable brand in agriculture and saffron production. This product symbolizes quality and capability in producing valuable Saffron.

Why should you buy Saharkhiz Pure Saffron Ta-1753?

In the production of Saffron by Saharkhiz, the most up-to-date technologies and agricultural methods have been utilized. From selecting and cultivating high-quality saffron bulbs to the stages of harvesting and drying using modern techniques, every detail has been carefully managed, adhering to international standards. Saharkhiz Quality Control Unit oversees the production process from start to finish, ensuring comprehensive quality control. This assurance gives customers confidence that the Saffron they have in their hands is of excellent quality with superior characteristics.

The packaging of this Iranian saffron has also been done with precision. High-quality boxes and packaging materials have been used to preserve the aroma and flavor of Saffron at every moment of use. By purchasing saharkhiz saffron, you directly experience one of the finest saffrons available.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts gourmet shop is one of the best sources for buying saffron at the most competitive prices in Canada and the United States. Our company ensures you enjoy a delightful and unique taste, allowing you to present your guests with an outstanding culinary experience.

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