saharkhiz safforn Ta-68
Buy Persian saffron Ta-68
saharkhiz safforn Ta-68
Buy Persian saffron Ta-68

Saharkhiz Best Quality saffron Ta-68| 23 gram pack

2 Reviews
delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran 

High-quality pure saffron

The high degree of coloring

With unique aroma

In the package of 23 grams (0.05 pounds)


Saharkhiz Best Quality saffron Ta-68 is one of the most popular and high-quality saffron in the world, with the highest amount of coloring and fragrance.

The way to identify original Saharkhiz Best Quality saffron Ta-68

Saffron has a red color. Saffron originally smells similar to other flowers and doesn’t change color quickly when dissolved in water. You can use this saffron for cooking all kinds of food and drinks, and with a small amount of it, you can give your food a unique aroma and taste.

The benefits of Saharkhiz Best Quality saffron Ta-68

The use of quality saffron affects depression and cancer, and regular use of this product is a factor in preventing vision loss in old age, balance in lowering blood pressure, helping to improve and strengthen vision, heart health, stomach tonic, and anti-flatulence.

Skin freshness and help with menstruation are other useful features of this product for women.

Saharkhiz Best Quality saffron Ta-68

In the packaging of this product, an advanced and unique process has been used to protect saffron to prevent crushing and to be suitable for giving as a gift.

The quality of Saharkhiz saffron, from the stage of saffron selection to packaging, is monitored by the quality control unit. Therefore Saharkhiz saffron has an integrated quality and the largest standard scale in coloring and aromatization.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts™, a company with excellent infrastructure that specializes in exporting and selling antique and modern Iranian goods, now proudly presents a unique and original offering of decorative and tasty items, as well as the support of customers and aftersales service, responsibly.

20 to 50 gr
2 Reviews

So convenient. High quality saffron and very reasonable. Have bought many times.
By Mark.A on 07/17/2022

I Just start using saffron, the quality is not good, it does not have the proper saffron color. I come from the land of saffron and I can literally recognize very good saffron with an awesome quality which this one is not and no strin aroma and smell. so disappointed
By Chiristin. Ri on 10/31/2021

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