Green Iranian Vintage Scarf AC-1415

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Width: 80 cm | 31.49 inch

Length: 80 cm | 31.49 inch

Color: Green 

Material: Cotton

Gender: Women


The traditional Iranian green scarf is made with high-quality cotton fabric. This scarf can be ordered in square size 31.49*31.49 and green color.

Iranian Vintage Scarf

The design of this scarf is entirely Iranian. This design is in northeast Iran, and the Turkmen use it for their scarves and even their clothes. This scarf was designed in the Turkmen region in the past and can be bought all over Iran today.

The green fabric of the scarf is designed with Iranian flowers, and these flower designs have been present in most Iranian motifs in the past. Therefore, it is one of the old and most attractive designs in Iranian fabrics.

Style with the Vintage Scarf

In the past, the scarf was more of a symbol of the hijab, and most religious people in different religions used the scarf to cover the head, but today the scarf is not only for the hijab; they use it today for a more beautiful style. Many celebrities in Hollywood use scarves for a unique style at important events.

Iranian green scarf has medium size, so in adtion to head covering, it is suitable for a neck scarf, and you can use a scarf to make your style attractive.

The Iranian green scarf is easily coordinated with classic clothes in cream, navy, black, white, and gray. Of course, you can choose clothes in various colors based on your taste, but the style of the clothes should be classic to make you more attractive.

There are different products for all tastes and beliefs on the Cyruscrafts site, which we deliver to America and Canada in the shortest possible time.

Today, hijab styles incorporate traditional and contemporary elements. Turbans, headscarves, wrapped hijabs, and pashminas are among the trendy hijabs. They each have their own unique characteristics and allow wearers to express their personalities. A powerful, empowering fashion statement, the hijab has gained widespread recognition and acceptance in recent years. Hijabs can be an incredible source of beauty and inspiration when worn with confidence and pride.

31.49*31.49 inch
Target Gender
Womens clothing
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