Gray Embroidered Shawl AC-1437

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Width: 65 cm | 25.59 inch 

Length: 200 cm | 78.74 inch

Color: Gray

Material: Cotton

Gender: Women


The gray embroidered shawl AC-1437 is sewn with linen material and minimal patterns. This shawl is more suitable for autumn and can be used as a neck scarf.

Gray Embroidery Shawl AC-1437's Details

Gray embroidered shawl AC-1437 in size 25.59*78.74 inches is designed for women's daily use. This shawl is sewn with soft and light linen material, suitable for use in the spring and autumn seasons.

Modern and minimal motifs are hand-embroidered on the shawl, in which dark gray, black, white, orange, and light gray colors are used.

The shawl is designed to cover the head according to the needs of women who wear hijab, but for those who use it around their necks, it is a good choice and is easily matched with fall and winter styles.

Style with A Gray Embroidered Shawl

The gray shawl has a neutral color composition for various classic and modern styles. Of course, use orange, navy, purple, and yellow colors in your style for more attractiveness.

Choose the right accessories with this shawl based on design and color. For example, Black leather shoes, gray or navy bags, and minimal silver jewelry will make your style more beautiful.

At Cyruscrafts online store, we offer the best Iranian handmade products made by artists and send them to different European countries, America and Canada quickly.

Today, hijab styles incorporate traditional and contemporary elements. Turbans, headscarves, wrapped hijabs, and pashminas are among the most popular types of Islamic hijabs. They each have their own unique characteristics and allow wearers to express their personalities. A powerful, empowering fashion statement, the hijab has gained widespread recognition and acceptance in recent years. Hijab outfits can be an incredible source of beauty and inspiration when worn with confidence and pride.

25.59*78.74 inch
Target Gender
Womens clothing
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