Needlework Shoes AC-1125

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Material: Cotton Yarn

Foot size of Iran and Europe: 35 to 42 

Foot size in the US and Canada: 5 to 10.5

Color: Green

Gender: Women


Balochi needlework shoes are made of cotton thread. It is needlework with silk on the shoes and is the best choice for casual summer styles.

Details of women's shoes

Giveh is the name of a genuine Iranian shoes, which has long been popular in Iran. Of course, only men used this model of shoes in the past, but today, with changes in the design and color of women, they use the quilt the most.

Cotton yarn is anti-allergic and has pores in its texture that provide good ventilation for the air. While in the summer heat, it transfers cool air to the feet.

 The shoes sole is made of standard materials so that the feet do not get tired while walking. So it is a good choice for work and university.

Needlework on shoes has unique originality and beauty, which is the art of Baloch women. They do needlework for financial independence and family care. Needlework is used in shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, and even furniture.

Suitable style with Giveh shoes

These shoes are suitable for the spring and summer seasons. It is excellent for everyday use due to its natural material and in harmony with the shape of the legs. This shoe is a good choice for long hours at work or university because it has open holes for ventilation, and the feet do not get tired.

Women's shoe matches casual and monochrome style. Bright colors such as ninety, orange and white with green needlework shoes make an attractive style for you.

At Cyruscraft's store site, you can order Giveh shoes based on the exact size of your foot, to be sent to you in the United States and Canada.

Cotton Yarn
Target Gender
Womens shoes
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