Antique S-shape Brass Table Lamp
Antique S-shape Brass Table Lamp - details
Antique S-shape Brass Table Lamp
Antique S-shape Brass Table Lamp - details

Antique S-shape Brass Table Lamp ID-581

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Material: Brass

Color: Antique

Weight: 1.2 kilogram

Height: 20.07 Inches

Size: 6.69* 10.62* 20.07 Inches

Produced in the style of stained glass

Iranian handicraft

Completely Washable


Antique Brass Table Lamp ID-581

Generally, in any home where design and decoration are important subjects, you can see a table lamp as an attractive decorative accessory. If you want to illuminate only a limited space of the table and the room, it is better to use a desk lamp; of course, with a pale color lampshade, you can get the maximum light. You can buy this desk light online quickly and at the best price.

Antique S-shape Brass Table Lamp - dimensions


Stained glass is the art of painting and painting on glass. Beautiful art that started in the past by putting together pieces of colored glass to decorate public places such as temples and churches and today is used in a very professional and attractive way in decoration.

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With a strong infrastructure background, and professional and specialized experience in the field of sales and exports of vintage and modern Iranian goods to various countries around the world, such as Canada, the CyrusCrafts team is now able to provide you with the most unique and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Customer support, after-sales services, responsibly. We offer Originality, Quality, Beauty, Uniqueness, Health, and a secure sense of delivery.

6.69* 10.62* 20.07 Inches
1.2 KG
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