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Persian 8x10 Handmade Wool Cream Tabriz Rug RC-2025

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Material(s): Wool | Silk

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Cream| Black

Pattern(s): Medallion

Motif: Herati

Dimensions: 8'2" by 11'4" | 250 cm by 350 cm

City of Origin: Tabriz

Knot Density (Raj / KPSI):-


Tabriz rugs are cherished by most rug collectors and enthusiasts, who consider them attractive and a stunning accent in any location. The city of Tabriz, which has a long history tracing back many years, showcases Iran's tradition in terms of history and culture. These Persian Tabriz carpets are reputed for their timeless beauty,  high-quality materials in use, and cultural elements, carrying layers of meaning, which make them not only a coveted heirloom but also a remarkable work of art.

Material of The Persian Tabriz Rugs RC-2025

These Persian Tabriz rugs are woven by utilizing high-quality wool, renowned for durability, which makes these woven rugs stand the test of time over years and sought after among enthusiasts. Using wool also contributes to making these Persian woven rugs resilient for preserving vibrant colors, resulting in long-lasting hues observed in them.

The other type of material is silk, giving a natural sheen to the appearance of the Tabriz rug, which adds a touch of luxury to it. While the two mentioned materials are used to form the piles of Tabriz Persian rugs, the foundation is woven by using cotton to make them stronger and maintain the structure's integrity. Indeed this type of basement provides sturdy support for the weaving procedure. 

Patterns of the Persian Tabriz Carpets RC-2025

Flora Herati motifs are prevalent in this persian carpet, ranging from roses, tulips, and peonies to oversized blooms, which symbolize beauty and fertility in these Persian woven rugs, giving them a sense of elegance. The focal point of elements observed in the design of Persian Tabriz rugs features central and allover medallions, which can be circular, oval, or hexagonal and often surrounded by borders and motifs. 

The Persian Tabriz Rug RC-2025 in Toronto 

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~ 8' x 10' (250cm x 300cm)
Large Rugs
City of Origin
Tabriz, Iran
Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion-Allover
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