high quality Saharkhiz saffron Ta-497
Saharkhiz Iranian saffron Ta-497
high quality Saharkhiz saffron Ta-497
Saharkhiz Iranian saffron Ta-497

Saharkhiz Saffron with Wooden Box Ta-497| 100 gram pack

2 Reviews
delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran (Mashhad)

High coloring rate

With wooden box

In package of 100 gram (3.52 ounce)

Saharkhiz Saffron with Wooden Box Ta-497 detail

This Saffron, with health and quality testing from other laboratories, has reached the production stage. The most up-to-date technology has been used in the production with the best quality and reaching the highest dryness and exact weight of saffron without moisture. 


Optimal use of quality Saharkhiz saffron can be effective in combating depression and cancer.

The antioxidant and soothing properties of this pure saffron also have an amazing effect on skin freshness, help with menstruation and heart health.

With proper and continuous use, this spice will be effective in improving and strengthening eyesight, balanced reduction of blood pressure, and reducing vision in old age.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts™ by an excellent infrastructure background,  professional and specialized activity in the field of sales and export of high-quality vintage and modern Iranian goods to different parts of the world, is now proud to offer you the most peculiar and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Support Customers and after-sales service, responsibly.

More than 50 grams
Saffron Gift Box
Saharkhiz Saffron
2 Reviews

A large quantity
Wonderful to receive such an appropriate amount, lots to cook now!!

very good
I use Saffron at lot not only for flavor and aroma in cooking but for a health benefit so there

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