Royal Termeh Tablecloth | Advantageous Prices Cashmere
Royal Termeh Tablecloth | Advantageous Prices Cashmere
Royal Termeh Tablecloth | Advantageous Prices Cashmere
Royal Termeh Tablecloth | Advantageous Prices Cashmere

Persian Termeh Tablecloth, Padideh Model HC-1314

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Beautiful Persian termeh tablecloth

Size: 100 * 100 CM

Material: fabric | Silk

Usage: Decorative | Tablecloth | Christmas Tablecloth | Dinning Tablecloth


Persian Termeh tablecloth, Padideh model HC-1314 is another functional-decorative products of Cyruscrafts team.

The art of cashmere weaving is one of the oldest Iranian handiwork that has been popular in Iran and has been able to continue its work. This art is one of the most beautiful arts in Yazd province. It has many designs and colors, the most popular of which are based on the designs of paisley, Qahr and Ashti, and Shah Abbasi.

General information about Persian Termeh Tablecloth, HC-1314

This beautiful termeh tablecloth fabric with a black Padideh design is produced in the size of 100 x 100 cm. The fibers used in this tablecloth are high-quality silk. Suppose you look closely at the techniques used in this desktop. In that case, you will notice that in the middle of this desktop is a circle of different colors in which curved and brick designs in different colors are used.

The high percentage of the glamour of this work is the creative and intelligent choice of ax colors along with bright colors, which has caused a special effect and appearance to this work.

Padideh table cashmere fabric, with its silk fibers and Yazdi originality, has become one of the most attractive Iranian handicrafts on the market.

Usages of Persian Termeh Tablecloth, Padideh Model

This attractive termeh fabric with the color used in its texture can be used as a lovely and valuable gift for your friends and loved ones. Also, this stunning product is one of the most used items that can be used for decorations.

Dear customers, you can see other models, sizes, and designs by referring to the termeh tablecloth products section. We present reasonable prices and fast delivery to entire Canada and the USA.

100*100 CM
Table Cloth
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