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beautiful table centerpieces
table centerpieces
beautiful table centerpieces

Idiosyncratic Termeh Fabric Tablecloth HC-656

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High Quality Termeh

Size: 100*100 cm

Material: Fabric

Color: Multicolor


Iranian Termeh is famous all over the world. Termeh fabric Quilted Textile has originally known as a sort of hand weaved colorful textile with special patterns, mainly Persian Paisley which was originated in Yazd.

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Traditionally, hand-woven tablecloths were using natural silk and wool fiber. Weaving termeh is a sensitive, careful, and time-consuming work, such that a good weaver could produce only 25-30 cm in a day. Although nowadays, they are not 100% handicraft, a good quality Termeh handicraft can be woven a maximum of 100 cm due to limited sewing machines for weaving termeh.

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39.37 * 39.37 inch (100*100 cm)
Table Cloth
1 Reviews

It is an attractive tablecloth . At first glance, it caught my eye. I bought it and spread it on my table. I can say that it was amazing and completely changed the look of the table and made my house beautiful.
By Olivia on 10/13/2021

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