decorative plate & bowl set HC-1179
Decorative small plate HC-1179
decorative bowl HC-1179
decorative plate & bowl set HC-1179
Decorative small plate HC-1179
decorative bowl HC-1179

turquoise dishes plate & bowl HC-1179

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Home Accessory or serving Dish, Includes a plate, and a bowl

plate Size: 27 cm

bowl height: 9 cm

Material: Copper & Turquoise

Usage: Home / Home-office / Decorative / candy servers / serving dishes


By preparing this product, you have not only prepared beautiful catering utensils but also kept the handicrafts and culture of a nation in your home.

What makes this product special?

  • Made with copper by an expert artist
  • Use High-Quality turquoise in this product
  • The turquoises used in this product have guaranty and certificate
  • The most famous Persian handicraft
  • The best and most competitive price

Information about turquoise plate

The turquoise plate is one of the decorative products of Aghajani handicrafts.

This product is made of high-quality copper and turquoise stones with a certificate. These stones are extracted from the mines of Neishabour, the most valuable turquoise stones in the world.

The diameter of the plate is 27 cm.

Information about turquoise bowl

The Turquoise bowl is a manifestation of simplicity, the art of beauty. The whole production process of this bowl is done in the workshops of the Aghajani brand and under the hands of famous artists.

Bowl height: 9 cm

Usage and application

It can be used in the decorative arrangement of homes, workplaces, and art studios and give a different effect to the space and decoration, or it can serve various nuts and snacks.

History of The Turquoise

Meanwhile, because copper is present in nature in its purest form and is easier to extract than other metals, it was used by humans, and many vessels in human civilization are made of copper and its alloys. In later periods, the use of copper in manufacturing jewelry and decorative accessories also became common. On the other hand, turquoise has been known and valued in most cultures for thousands of years. Turquoise has been introduced as a symbol of wisdom and aristocracy. Ancient mythological history refers to it as a stone with the power of immortality.

Maintenance and care

To maintain the beauty and shine of turquoise dishes, it is better to observe the following:

  • Do not expose turquoise dishes to direct sunlight and moisture so as not to lose their radiance.
  • Use a dry cloth instead of a wet towel or wash with water to clean turquoise dishes.
bowl height: 9 cm
plate Size: 27 cm
Decorative, candy servers, serving dishes
Toreutics (Metal Engraving)
Turquoise Inlay
1 Reviews

Turquoise dishes plate & bowl are perfect. The turquoise on the dishes has high quality. The combination of copper and turquoise is peerless.
By Emily on 07/12/2022

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