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Persian 8x10 Handmade Wool Vintage Isfahan Rug RC-2045

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Hand-Knotted

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Grey | White

Pattern(s): Medallion Allover

Motif: Gul

Size: 7'6" by 10'8" | 334 cm by 332 cm

City of Origin: Joshaghan, Isfahan

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


Isfahan rugs are prevalently known for their rich historical and cultural heritage, including intricate designs that make them coveted rugs among collectors and enthusiasts. They are woven by an artistry of weavers, using traditional weaving methods, passed through generations making these Isfahan carpets precious and admirable. 

Design of the Persian Isfahan Carpet RC-2045

The Isahan carpets' designs mostly showcase the pinnacles of Persian weaving methods among Persian woven rugs, making them sought after to utilize for ornating different workspaces, exhibiting stunning accents to any room. These Persian rugs are adorned with symbolic elements, reflecting layers of meaning about the history and culture of this city. They seemed to be distinguished by these prominent.  

Material of Persian Isfahan Rug RC-2045 

Using premium material to weave the Persian carpets such as fine wool sourced from local sheep make them capable of enduring for many years without wear and tear when properly maintained. Wool is typically used for piling, providing durability. The colored material used to dye this vintage rug is also derived from natural sources, so they can stand the test of time, giving a sheen and elegance to their appearance. adding to their lustrous appearance 

The Persian Isfahan Rug RC-2028 in Toronto 

a piece of complete information about the Persian Isfahan carpet is open here. You can make an Internet or WhatsApp order, but watch out to ask questions in advance to guarantee that your required carpet is available. You will get your item in your area in Toronto and Ontario.

Isfahan Rugs in Toronto, Ontario

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~ 8' x 10' (250cm x 300cm)
City of Origin
Isfahan, Iran
Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion-Allover
3 Reviews

There was no bad smell while wrapping up the plastic of the rug pack. Also, I enjoyed walking on it barefoot. it feels comfortable and so soft and fluffy.
By Glory on 07/01/2024

very good rug at reasonable. It is shabby and chic at the same time and I feel good when walk through it. I love this kind of vintage carpet.
By Jeremiah on 06/24/2024

the feeling of relaxation and a sense of luxury were important to me I bought this rug for my special room for reading and ding my tasks it is easy to wash and also matches with decor but a bit slipery
By Brody on 06/23/2024

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