Antique three-flame wall light code C2728 / 3W-A
Luxury three-flame wall Lamp code C2728 / 3W-A
Antique three-flame wall light code C2728 / 3W-A
Luxury three-flame wall Lamp code C2728 / 3W-A

Antique Wall Light Sconce With Angel Statue ID-297

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Body Material: Brass

Color: Antique

Height: 40 cm

Width: 35 cm

Weight: 4.5 kilogram

Number of Flames: 3 

Completely Washable


Antique Angel wall light Sconce ID-297

wall light sconce is a decorative element that can give a beautiful look to the walls that meets our lighting needs for different places.
Due to the high color quality and good light distribution and modern design, you can use wall light in bedrooms, hallways and reception halls or ceremonial halls, or wherever you need.

wall light

initial construction of antique wall light ID-297

In designing a C2728 / 3W-A model, the utmost elegance is used, which is why this wall light is the suitable home decoration for small rooms with ordinary decoration. This wall lamp can be used to provide light for small spaces or places that do not need much light. To light this wall light, you should use an E14 lamp. The body of the wall light has a bronze color and is combined with crystal bubbles.

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40*35 cm
Living room, Bedrooms, Hall
1 Reviews

I have never seen such a perfect sculptural wall sconce.

By Maryam on 07/06/2022

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