up down wall light sconce
up down wall light sconce - lateral
up down wall light sconce - details
up down wall light sconce
up down wall light sconce - lateral
up down wall light sconce - details

Up Down Light Brass Wall Sconce ID-312

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Body Material: aluminum

Color: Antique

Height: 25 cm

Diameter: 20 cm

Width: 16 cm

Weight: 2.15 kilograms


Unique modern up-down wall light

Modern crystal up-down wall light sconce code N2661-1, with an aluminum body and SMD lamps, is one of the best items for home decoration. This one flame wall light chandelier, is a unique product designed by art.

Up down wall light sconce materials

This beautiful wall light is made of aluminum with antique plating, which is very durable and beautiful.
Diecast chandeliers are very similar to bronze chandeliers, except that they are made of aluminum, which buying a decorative with aluminum material is more economical than bronze chandeliers and also weigh less.

wall light

Maintenance of the up-down wall light sconce

Be careful not to use chemical fluid to clean the plated parts. Otherwise, the chandelier will change color. Dusting chandelier branches with a water-soaked cloth is the best way. By the way, don't forget that using such a luxe up-down wall light makes your home interior design unique.

Why cyruscrafts™?

With a strong infrastructure background and professional and specialized experience in the field of sales and exports of vintage and modern Iranian goods to various countries around the world such as Canada, the CyrusCrafts team is now able to provide you with the most unique and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Customer support, after-sales services, responsibly. We offer Originality, Quality, Beauty, Uniqueness, Health, and a secure sense of delivery.

25*20*16 cm
2.15 kilogram
House, Bedrooms, Hall
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