White Wood Wall Sconce Light
White Wood Wall Sconce Light - details
White Wood Wall Sconce Light
White Wood Wall Sconce Light - details

White Wood Wall Sconce Light ID-486

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Body Material: Steel and wood

Color: Chrome & White

Number of Flames: 1

Weight: 0.75 kilogram

Size: 11.02* 5.51 Inches

Height: 13.38 in

Easy to Clean


White Wood Wall Sconce Light ID-486

Wall Light is a modern interior design element that gives a beautiful look to the walls and meets our lighting needs for different places. This wooden wall Light has one flame and it can be used to provide light in small spaces or areas that do not need much light. E27 incandescent lamps should be used to light this wall lamp. The glass bubbles of this wall light are facing upwards, and this issue causes the light of the chandelier to be scattered.

White Wood Wall Sconce Light - dimensions

Initial construction

This wall light, wood, and glass are beautifully placed next to each other. The wood used in making is of high quality.
The color used for the product has given remarkable beauty to the product due to its high quality and accuracy in the manufacturing process.
The metal floor plating of this product has a high quality that no color change can be seen in it over time.

Why cyruscrafts™

With a strong infrastructure background, and professional and specialized experience in the field of sales and exports of vintage and modern Iranian goods to various countries around the world, such as Canada, the CyrusCrafts team is now able to provide you with the most unique and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Customer support, after-sales services, responsibly. We offer Originality, Quality, Beauty, Uniqueness, Health, and a certain sense of delivery.

11.02* 5.51* 13.38 Inches
Metal / Wood
750 gr
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