Men's Small Zippered Wallet AC-1325

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Material: Leather

Size:10.4*11.5 cm | 4.09*4.33 inch

Color: Black

Gender: Men


The men's small zippered wallet is made of natural cow leather material, with enough space for bank cards and identification. 

 Design details of men's small zipper wallet

The men's small zippered wallet has a classic design and is used to store small documents such as; It has enough space for bank cards and driver's licenses.

The wallet is made with quality natural leather material, and yellow leather is used inside the wallet to have a beautiful combination. Natural leather is very durable and is the best choice for long-term use.

The Dorsa brand makes the small zippered wallet. Dorsa brand is one of the best natural leather products in Iran, with a unique and stylish design. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for unique tastes.

 The unique feature of Iranian leather brands is their affordable prices. Although they use high-quality natural leather and have stylish designs, they offer products at economical prices.

 The use of a small zippered wallet

The zippered wallet is designed to have enough space for eight bank and identification cards. Also, due to the presence of a zipper, it is a safe choice for storing bank cards. 

 The zippered wallet is classic and goes with all styles. But use a men's handbag or belt to coordinate and be more attractive with this wallet.

You can order this wallet with your favorite accessories through the Cyrus Crafts website so that we can send it to the United States or Canada.

10.4*11.5 cm | 4.09*4.33 inch
Target Gender
Mens Bag and Wallet
Dorsa Charm
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