Handmade Persian Kilim & Leather Long Wallet AC-418

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Width: 20 cm

Height: 22 cm

Properties: 11 card slots, 2 cash pockets

Material: goat leather, rug


A perfect handmade coat pocket wallet produced from composing goat leather and rug. The rug is woven of Merino strings. The strings used for sewing are strengthened with a special wax.

Handmade Persian Kilim & Leather Long Wallet AC-418 Features

wallet with a unique design like no other, with a combination of leather and Iranian kilim. Roomy to carry more than you are used to with this vertical secretary wallet, including 11 slots for the credit and debit cards and 2 cash pockets, and 1 clear ID window.


Why CyrusCrafts™?

CyrusCrafts™ by an excellent infrastructure background,  professional and specialized activity in the field of sales and export of high-quality vintage and modern Iranian accessories to different parts of the world, is now proud to offer you the most peculiar and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Support Customers and after-sales service, responsibly.

We present The Originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a good sense of a safe purchase and delivery.

20*22 cm
goat leather
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