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Persian 9x12 Wool White Kashan Rug RC-2059

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Ivory | Cream

Pattern(s): Tree of life

Motif: Herati

Size: 10'0" by 14'0" | 304 cm by 426 cm

City of Origin: Kashan

Store Location : Toronto, Ontario


Kashan rugs are the focal symbol of the artistry of skilled weavers in the region of Kashan who have made them on a cotton base, proving that these Persian rugs can remain the supreme masterpiece in their style. The scattered flowers of a cream color combination, astonishing embroidered all over, touch of grace and elegance in the most refined manner.

Kashan Wool and Cotton Cream Rug RC-2059 Artistry

This Persian wool Kashan rug is hand-knotted by skilled artisans who have inherited this profession through generations. The artistry of Kashan rug is a combination of intricate design, high-quality materials, and cultural heritage. These features can make these woven rugs not only functional but also exquisite works of art. This woven rug artistry is a superior and celebrated tradition within Persian carpet making. The motifs and flora elements commonly contribute to the beauty and elegance of this white rug, which gives a fantastic touch to the room. 

Kashan Cream Rug Appearance RC-2059

The appearance of this Persian rug is distinguished by intricate designs and vibrant colours. The most important feature of these woven rugs is dense and elaborate flora patterns and motifs, including leaves, flowers, and vines. These flora patterns can add a lush, garden-like appearance, showcasing the natural beauty inspired by Persian artists. This white rug has had an old-fashioned design over the years; it has remained in a perfect state without wear and tea, pointing out the strength and durability of it with which it was made. 

The Persian Kashan Rug RC-2059 in Toronto 

A thorough description of the Persian Kashan rug is available here. This item can be ordered online or via WhatsApp. Before placing your order, it's better to be sure of the item's availability. Your rug will be delivered to your address, and it will be available in Toronto and Ontario.

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Persian Rugs in Toronto

~ 9' x 12' (270cm x 360 cm)
City of Origin
Kashan, Iran
Weaving Technique
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2 Reviews

it gives a comfortable feeling while sitting and walking across it!
By Gabriel on 07/03/2024

I need a rug with the similar patterns but different colour I made an online purchase but now I think it was better to choose another colour I like this rug but is it possible to change it with other colour?
By Gianna on 06/18/2024

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