Machine made Vintage Rug Rc-210
Machine-woven Artificial Silk Rug Rc-210
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Machine made Vintage Rug Rc-210
Machine-woven Artificial Silk Rug Rc-210

Machine-woven 4'X7' Artificial Silk Vintage Area Rug Rc-210

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Machine-woven area rug Rc-210

No fluffing & Anti-allergy 

Length: 7' 6.48" (230 cm) / Width: 4' 11.04" (150 cm)

Longitudinal density: 3600 density

Transverse density: 700 shaneh

Note: The number of weft yarns per meter of carpet length is called the longitudinal density. The number of knots per square meter of the carpet's width is called the transverse density. The higher the transverse and longitudinal density of the carpet, the more durable the carpet is.


This machine-woven 4'X7' artificial silk vintage area rug Rc-210 with its modern design and unique colors gives a special style to your home decoration. This Vintage rug is suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, etc.

Features of machine-woven 4'X7' artificial silk vintage area rug Rc-210

When we talk about vintage rugs, all thoughts go to the arrangement of old houses with older appliances and furniture. But it is not bad to know that these carpets have such an enchanting and eye-catching pattern that they can even be used in the decoration and arrangement of minimal homes.

One of the advantages of old or old carpets is that you can make them suit any taste to enhance the look of your home. It is also interesting to know that if the interior designers have designed the layout and decoration of your room or house in a modern way, if they know that you are interested in old furniture, one of their suggestions for decorating your home is that of carpets. Use old or Vintage rugs. This 4'X7' rugs are designed in such a way that your room can be used in any style that is decorated.

vintage rug Rc-210

Use of polychromatic machine-woven 4'X7' rug Rc-210 in decoration

In this machine made carpet, various and happy colors have been used, which give a unique effect to your home decoration. Carpet is one of the most important decorative elements in the house, which will have a better appearance along with neutral colors such as gray and elephant, and will show itself more.

CyrusCrafts by its solid infrastructure, professional and specialized experience in sales and export of high-quality vintage Iranian items worldwide, is now happy to offer you the most unusual and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Customer Service, and after-sales support, responsibly. We present The Originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a good sense of a safe purchase and delivery.

~ 4' x 7' (120cm x 210cm)
Medium Rugs
Polyster (Artificial silk)
3600 density
Home Decoration
1 Reviews

By Scott Erickson on 04/16/2022

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