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Semicircular Leather Bag AC-1109

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Material: Leather

Size: 36*23*12 | 14.17*9.05*4.72

Color: Brown & Dark brown & Black

Gender: Women

Handmade semicircular bag

Large women's semicircular bag made of natural leather and unique design. This bag is a shoulder and is made in different colours of leather such as light brown, dark brown, hazelnut, etc.

Design details of a semicircular shoulder bag

Jhoraghy semicircle bag is made of three small, medium and large semicircles that are stacked on top of each other. This bag is made of natural leather and handmade. Therefore, each bag is different from the previous model

The size of the bag is 36 * 23 * 12, which is a separate and unique design of each part suitable for different accessories. The larger section has enough space for books, tablets and offices. In the middle part of cosmetics, glasses, cologne and jewelry are placed. A small section is a good place for a wallet and keychain 

The strap of the bag is designed to be adjustable so that you can change the size of the bag according to your taste and match it with your style.

The best quality natural leather is used to make bags so that the best quality can be used for many years. Do not worry; due to the minimal design of this bag, the semicircle does not fall out of fashion and is always stylish.

Suitable style with Jhoraghy semicircular bag

Spacious and large bags are usually used for university and office. The beautiful Jhoraghy bag, with its unique and attractive design, is an excellent choice for when you have a lot of accessories because you put your objects separately, and not everything is stacked.

This bag is excellent for casual styles. Also suitable for work. The bag can be ordered in different colours such as light brown, dark and black. You can choose the colour of the semicircle bag according to your taste.

At Cyruscrafts site, we send handmade products of Iranian artists to people around the world to get acquainted with the taste and creativity of Iranian artists. Art is the best way to exchange love and peace in the world.

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Womens clothing
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