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Women's Derby Shoes AC-1277

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Material: Leather

Foot size of Iran and Europe: 36 to 40 

Foot size in the US and Canada: 6 to 9.5

Color: Black

Gender: Women

Women's derby shoes are made of natural cow leather. These shoes are available in black for all sizes of women, and you can order for your foot size.

Women's derby shoe design details

Women's derby shoes have a classic style and are made of natural cow leather. The shoes are designed in a minimal and modern way. This shoe model is one of the most popular shoes.

Derby shoes are from the Iranian brand Dorsa. Dorsa brand is one of the best Iranian leather brands, which produces various natural leather products. The brand works with creative artists who create modern and minimalist designs for leather products.

The brand is popular among the people of Iran and produces most modern accessories such as bags, shoes, belts, and even jewelry. Of course, this brand is mainly known for its natural leather products.

The best style with women's derby shoes

Derby shoes have a classic style, which creates a beautiful style with classic blouses and pants. Of course, you can also pair these shoes with casual clothes. Derby shoes can also be easily matched with a shirt or short skirt.

These shoes are an ideal choice for everyday use at work or university because they are comfortable and light and do not tire the feet for a long time.

The characteristic of derby shoes is that they easily harmonize with most styles and make your style unique.

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36 to 40 | 6 to 9.5
Dorsa Charm
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