Women's Spring Blouse & Pants Set AC-1220

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Material: Cotton Yarn

Size: XS to L | Custom Size Acceptance

Color: Dark Blue

Gender: Women


Women's spring blouses and pants are sewn with high-quality cotton fabric. This set can be ordered in your desired size.

Detailed Design of Women's Spring Blouses and Pants

This set is sewn with quality cotton fabric, which is suitable for spring and summer use. Also, if you have warm autumn, you can wear this dress even in autumn.

The royal emblem of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar is painted on the shoulder of the garment, which is used to confirm a significant ruling. The painting on the garment is similar to the affirmation of a garment.

Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar was one of the artistic and tasteful kings of the Achaemenid period; he was a painter and photographer and had a famous collection of photographs kept in Golestan Palace.

Suitable Style with Women's Spring Blouses and Pants

The spring blouse and pants set have a classic style suitable for small, friendly family parties. Of course, to make the style more attractive, use the appropriate accessories. Classic high heels or natural leather summer shoes are an excellent choice to match this set. Of course, the bag should be similar to the shoes' color and material.

Choose a clutch bag or a large bag according to the type of use. If you always have many accessories for a party, use a large bag; if you have fewer accessories, use a clutch bag.

Also, the old-style jewelry used by Qajar motifs is lovely and special to match this dress.

We put distinctive and beautiful products on the Cyrus Craft store site because the attractiveness of your style is important to us.

Custom Size Acceptance
Cotton Yarn
Dark Blue
Target Gender
Womens clothing
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