Persian Women's Embroidered Coat AC-1583


Material:  Jacquard & Embroidered

Size: Free Size | XS to L 

Clothing Height: 80 cm | 31.49 inch

Color: Cream

Persian Handmade Coat


Persian women's embroidered coat AC-1583 is sewn with jacquard fabric and Iranian embroidery, which can be ordered with a top set and only in cream color according to your size.

Details of Persian women's embroidered coat AC-1583

The women's coat is hand-embroidered with Shah Abbasi flower motifs, mostly used in Persian hand-woven carpets. These flowers symbolize perfectionism and the cup of life, and this design is used in most valuable Iranian works. These motifs are embroidered in red, yellow, and green colors on the coat and top.

In Persian women's clothes, unique motifs are always used with authentic symbols to be unique in addition to beautiful. At the same time, it displays Iranian art.

Matching style with Persian women's embroidered coat AC-1583

The embroidery women's coat with its top set is designed in a classic style, compatible with vintage, classic, and minimal styles. Of course, use navy blue, Persian red, green, yellow, dark brown, gray, and white colors to make your style attractive.

You can match the coat and top set with a short skirt and skinny pants, classic leather shoes, and Persian handmade accessories. Of course, use matching colors with the coat and top.

Embroidered women's coat and top is the best choice for use in official parties, important conferences, romantic dates, and friendly gatherings. Of course, this set is suitable for use in the spring and autumn seasons, but you can wear the coat with a coat in the winter season and wear the top as a single and with a short skirt in the summer.

In the Cyruscrafts online store, you can order elegantly designed Iranian hand-embroidered women's clothes, and we will send them to all countries worldwide in the shortest possible time.

Free Size | XS to L
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