Brass Wire Wrapped Pendant With Lava Rock AC-883

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Metal Type: Brass

Length: -

Dimensions: 4x2.5 cm

Total Weight: 20-25 grams

Metal Finish: Polished

Gemstone Type: Lava Rock

Lock Type: -

Handmade Brass Wire Wrapped Pendant With Lava Rock AC-883 is produced using high-quality brass wire and the stone is lava rock (lava stone) which is nothing like usual pedants. Metal wires made of brass are more difficult to shape than copper, but they are still adequate for jewelry making. A wonderful color match to 14K yellow gold is Jeweler's Brass, also known as "red brass".

High-quality Brass Pendant With Lava Rock AC-883

The strength and durability of brass make it an ideal material for construction. In addition to this, it is also very malleable, making it perfect for forming intricate jewelry and accessory. This metal is not brittle, so it does not break easily. On the contrary, when under pressure, it stretches.

What are the signs of high-quality brass?

Magnetic properties are not present in solid high-quality brass. Magnets tend to stick to iron or steel objects with brass plating. By scratching a hidden area with a sharp tool you can test further. Solid brass items usually have a shiny yellow scratch.

Note: Brass jewelry should not be worn in the shower or while swimming. Contact with water can damage the brass. Do not store brass or gold-plated jewelry in bathrooms or humid environments. Brass or other metals will tarnish when exposed to high humidity.

What Makes Brass Jewelry a Perfect Gift?

Despite its affordable price and the fact that almost everyone can buy brass jewelry, brass jewelry is very durable, allowing it to be passed from one generation to the next. Additionally, every time your friend or partner wears this jewelry, they will remember you.

Lava Stone Use in Brass Wire Pendant AC-883

Fertility can be promoted by Lava Rock. When making earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, Lava Rock beads are an excellent choice. The weight is extremely low, so you can create chunky-looking, lightweight jewelry.

Wearing lava rock jewelry can also rejuvenate you if you're feeling a little lethargic or under the weather. In addition to promoting cell regeneration, black lava stones are believed to help you overcome illness and heal faster.

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4x2.5 cm
Lava Rock
20-25 grams
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