turquoise jewel-rug-model
turquoise jewel-rug-model

Silk Rug Blue Turquoise Silver Necklace AC-832

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Width: 2.7 cm

Height: 4.5 cm

Material: 925 silver, Neyshabour Turquoise, rug (silk & wool)

Chain length: 40 cm

Note: Jewelrugs are handmade and each has just one of them. However, you can order another one similar to it.


The gorgeous jewelry before you is made of silver 925 and decorated with a handmade Persian rug and three pieces of Neyshabour turquoise. Stunning and beautiful are just two characteristics that define this exquisite piece of jewelry, better put, art! In case you like rugs and want to carry a small one with you wherever you go, or if you enjoy unique jewelry accessories, then this will appeal to you, regardless of your gender, as they look good on both men and women. So don't hesitate and buy unique accessory AC-832 for yourself or as an excellent gift to someone you like so much.

Persian rug on the necklace AC-832

Handmade Persian rugs are very exquisite and famous all over the world. A piece of handwoven carpet is woven separately using a vertical loom and symmetric knots for this. The handwoven rug on this necklace is made of silk warps and a mix of silk and wool wefts. The colors used include dark blue, red, pink, green, and white. The rug features a motif derived from Traditional Persian Rugs, consisting of three yellow lozenges with another green lozenge inside each. Lozenges are used as a symbol of removing the devil's eye. The plan is called "Cheshme Zakhm," which means the explained connotation. 


Neyshabour turquoise on the Necklace AC-832

The ancient healing stone, turquoise, is revered all over the world. It reduces mood swings and promotes inner calm, balancing and aligning all the chakras. Neyshabour turquoise is very precious due to its pure blue color, rare pattern, and thought structure.

Why CyrusCrafts™?

Cyruscrafts company has an excellent infrastructure background and specializes in the sales and export of high-quality vintage and modern Iranian goods to each part of the world via our export companies and we are now proud to offer you the most unique and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes.

This is a great product that offers originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a sense of comfort when making a purchase.

2.7*4.5 cm
10.9 g
~ 4 mm
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