Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897 fv
Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897 fv1
Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897 vbfv
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Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897 fv
Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897 fv1
Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897 vbfv

Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897

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Metal Type: Silver

Dimensions: -

Total Weight: 3.00 grams

Metal Finish: Polished

Gemstone Type: Minakari Technique

In the category of original hand-painted Minakari jewelry, Silver Ring AC-897 is classified as a hand-painted Minakari ring. An original Iranian design has been hand-drawn on the black stone of this ring that is embossed with the Persian garden design that is seen in the photo.
In addition, the silver material used in the garden ring is of high quality. Gold can be substituted for the metal used in the garden design of this ring, at the request of the customer.

CyrusCrafts created the design for the women's ring "Hand Painted Minakari Silver Ring AC-897" by drawing and painting the original and traditional Iranian designs with great skill and precision. The designers are familiar with Iranian miniatures and paintings, and the collection of handmade jewelry we offer includes these unique designs.

"Hand Silver Ring AC-897" Hand Painted Minakari Jewelry

Iran's artisans have perfected a special technique called Minakari or Meenakari over generations in which each color is individually filled into parts of jewelry. Afterward, a slight heat is applied to ensure the enamel color bonds to the base metal.
Jewelry made of Minakari or Meenakari has experimented with a lot in modern times. The minakari technique is being applied to fusion jewelry made up of multiple styles of jewelry.

Minakari Ring Gifting Ideas

Providing a minakari promise ring as a gift is one of the easiest ways to impress someone. The ring should be wrapped in a pretty box before being given as a gift on a traditional holiday gifting day, such as her birthday or Valentine's Day.

"Hand Painted Minakari Ring AC-897" Silver Effects on the Body

A strong antimicrobial agent, silver has been proven to help combat infections, prevent colds and flu, and heal wounds.
In addition, silver promotes circulation and regulates body temperature. Those wearing silver jewelry have reported an improvement in energy levels and a more balanced mood. In addition to its tangible benefits, silver helps us to avoid potential toxic substances, because silver reacts and turns color when it comes into contact with many other harmful chemicals.

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