Rasht Silver Ring AC-1619

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Material: Silver & Bress

Weight: 8 gr

Rock: Turquoise 

Color: Silver

Target Gender: Unisex


The silver ring of Rasht is handmade with the design of fine details of the city of Rasht, Iran. This ring is unisex and can be ordered in gold and silver, depending on your finger size.

Details of Rasht silver ring AC-1619 

The silver ring of Rasht is handmade by an Iranian artist. The famous buildings of the city of Rasht in Iran are made with elegance and precision in the form of a ring, a symbol of Iranian culture and art in the form of jewelry.

About the city of Rasht: It is one of the most important cities in the north of Iran, known as the city of food in the world because there are a variety of unique and delicious foods in Rasht. This city is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, with rainy weather and wonderful nature.

Using urban and cultural elements in making jewelry is one of the modern and attractive ideas that has many fans worldwide, and many jewelry designers use this idea. Of course, you can order rings with elements from other cities.


Matching style with Rasht silver ring AC-1619

Rasht silver ring is made in modern style and is unisex. Therefore, it can easily be used with most men's and women's styles, but it will be more attractive with casual and classic styles. Of course, this ring can be ordered in two colors, gold and silver, and is compatible with most colors in style.

Rasht ring is one of the best choices for Iranians far away from home because it symbolizes the charm and beauty of the dream city of Iran. Therefore, this ring is a wonderful gift for those who love the city of Rasht.

In the Cyruscrafts online store, we offer unique Iranian symbols to feel good wherever you are in the world and have a small souvenir of Iran.

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