Nature AG-208 silk tableau rug Wall Art
Nature AG-208 silk tableau rug Full View
Nature AG-208 silk tableau rug Wall Art
Nature AG-208 silk tableau rug Full View

Pictorial Carpet of Nature

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Size: 90 x 140 (cm)      2' 9 x 4' 5 (ft)

Origin: Persian, Tabriz

Foundation/Material: Silk

Border Material: Wood

Border Color: Brown

Weave: 100% Hand Woven

Nature AG-208 silk tableau rug

Pictorial carpet (tableau rug)of nature is one of the most famous and beautiful and best-selling types of carpets. This carpet tableau is woven in Tabriz (Serdrud). Carpet tableau is one of the unique Iranian arts that has gained a very special place in domestic and foreign markets. Carpet tableaus are small pieces of carpet that are framed and hang on to the walls, they are mostly decorative and give the houses color, originality, and beauty.
Carpet tableaus especially in the classic style (one of the styles of interior decoration) are one of the special and unique elements of indoor beautification. Perhaps magical and colorful paintings can be considered as one of the most conceptual decorative. an ornamental object that holds Iranian history, meaning, culture and originality.

If you are looking for a special and beautiful carpet to install at your workplace and home, this pictorial carpet will help improve your choice by diversifying its colors and pattern.
Silk pictorial rugs are divided into two categories: natural and artificial. natural type is used in handmade carpets and pictorial carpets, but its artificial type is used in machine-made carpets.

Silk material tableau rugs

Silk! because of its better material and more resistance to wool, that carpets woven by silk, are much more valuable, more expensive, and also much more enchanting from the viewer's point of view.

As time passes, handmade carpets become more valuable, whereas in machine-made carpets this is quite the opposite, and as time goes by, they lose their value.
Even machine-made pictorial carpets may rot over time, but in the case of handmade carpets, it is not at all like this, and even handmade carpets made of silk threads can be considered as an antique commodity.

Nature AG-208 silk tableau rug (Description)

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90 x 140 (cm)
Persian, Tabriz
Knots per Square Meter
Home Decoration
1 Reviews

great design
I bought this poctorial carpet and I suggest that anyone who wants to buy a tableau rug,must buy it because it has a great design and it is rare and has a beautiful role.

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