The GIrl in the Mirror Hall Silk 100% Hand-Woven Tableau Rug
Girl in the Mirror Hall | Silk Decorative | Tableau Rug/Carpet
The GIrl in the Mirror Hall Silk 100% Hand-Woven Tableau Rug
Girl in the Mirror Hall | Silk Decorative | Tableau Rug/Carpet

Pictorial Carpet of a Girl in the Mirror Hall

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Size: 70 x 100 (cm)      2' 2 x 3' 2 (ft)

Border Size: 95 x 125 (cm)      3' 1 x 4' 1 (ft)

Origin: Persian, Tabriz

Material: Fluff & Silk

Border Material: Wood

Weave: 100% Hand Woven

KPSI: 60


"Girl in the Mirror Hall" Silk Tableau Rug

The pictorial carpet (Tableau Rug) of a girl in the Mirror Hall shows a girl in traditional Iranian clothes in the Hall of Mirrors. The Hall of Mirrors is one of the rooms of Golestan Palace in Tehran. Most of the fame of this hall is due to the painting canvas of the Hall of Mirrors by Kamal al-Molk, a famous Iranian painter. Kamal al-Molk worked on this painting for 5 years and in that painting, Nasser al-Din Shah can be seen in the hall.

This carpet, in addition to coloring and depicting the view of the royal palace, has a unique effect and glory due to the use of silk in it. 

If the walls of your house are short, You can use pictorial carpets mounted vertically on the walls; such wall-hanging carpets will make the walls look more significant and give them a lot of beauty.

Most decorators believe that larger paintings have a more significant artistic impact on home decoration. If the number of furniture or appliances in the room is small compared with the size of the space and are arranged at a distance from each other, a large tableau like this pictorial rug can quickly fill the field of view.

The most suitable place to install this carpet is the living room wall. Another place is above the bed; the house's hallways can also be a good suggestion.

This hand-woven work belongs to Tabriz, the land of delicate and beautiful hand-woven carpets and pictorial carpets worldwide. Therefore, it has a very high artistic value among different art pieces.

pictorial carpet of a girl

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70 x 100 (cm) | 2' 2 x 3' 2 (ft)
Silk Fluff
Persian, Tabriz
1 Reviews

When did fluff become so expensive?
I mean the silk gets a thumbs up but hey 4 grands?
I mean I read the description, there are not factors for wrapping the price this high! 2 grands max
By Marcos Lane on 12/06/2021

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