Handmade Wood & Needlepoint Small Clutch Bag AC-101

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Width: 18 cm | 7.08 inch

Height: 17 cm | 2.75 inch

Weight: ~ 300 g

Material: Fabric, wood, metal

Technique: sewing machine needlework


The fabric that this small needlepoint bag is made of underpasses the process of getting needlepoint on it by a professional sewing machine. The Baluch people inspire this style of needleworking. The handle and top hem of the bag are made of wood giving the bag a specific look.

A glance at the colors and usages of Needlepoint Small Clutch Bag AC-101

The colors used in this beautiful handbag are alive and full of energy. Colors like red, orange, blue, black, white, green, and yellow make it a great harmonic accessory. And the dominant color, red, is a symbol of love and happiness.


Buy it for yourself or as a gift; this handbag plays its role the best anyway. A handmade bag is all you want for many occasions; you name it! It best matches with a fancy, simple style, but you may have a different taste, so match it your way, and please send us a picture of yours.

Cleaning and caring for the Needlepointbag AC-101

Washing this bag is not a good idea because of the wooden structure of the top hem. Depending on how dirty the fabric is, you can dry-clean it at the laundromat or wipe it clean with some mild detergent and a wet cloth.

Keep the purse away from sharp objects, as they may tear the fabric or snag the threads. And To maintain the colors as energetic as they are for a longer time, prevent direct sunshine persistently.

Why CyrusCrafts™?

With a great infrastructure background and a long track record of sales and export of high-quality vintage and modern Iranian products worldwide, CyrusCrafts™ is now proud to offer you the most original decorative and tasty items with the best transfer and service processes available to support you after your purchase, responsibly.

We provide Originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a safe purchase and delivery feeling.

18*17 cm
300 g
1 Reviews

I loveee it! So cute and small, couldn't be better!
By Jennifer Smith on 10/31/2021

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