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Persian 9x12 Handmade Wool Red and Black Kashan Rug RC-2221

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Red | Black and Blue

Pattern(s): Medallion

Motif: Shah Abbasi

Size: 8'8" by 11'1" | 268 cm by 338 cm

City of Origin: Kashan

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


Kashan is one of the most crucial and remarkable cities renowned for rug weaving since the 17th century. The Iranian carpet woven in this region is distinguished by its unique flora patterns incorporating a wide range of color palettes. These Persian handmade wool large-size floor coverings typically feature durability and softness. They are used in both decorative and functional settings and give a great sense of luxury to any space, carrying layers of meaning historically and culturally.  

Designs and Patterns of Persian Kashan Woo Rug RC-2221

 These rugs are reputed for flora patterns and designs incorporating attention to detail. The traditional medallions and arrays of tiny flowers, vines, and leaves commonly tend to appear in these kinds of Iranian carpets. Like other Persian rugs, this handwoven red carpet is characterized by its patterns, showcasing the rich historical heritage of the region. The elements have been put symmetrically in the design, reflecting a sense of harmony to visitors. As it is clear, the motifs and patterns in this rug are thoughtfully placed, creating an aesthetically beautiful appearance. 

Construction of Irnian handmade wool Kashan Rug RC-2221

This Persian Kashan carpet has been made of wool as the primary material, which makes it durable, soft, and resilient. The foundation of this Iranian rug is made of cotton, providing a strong and stable structure. The piles are knotted with a special method of rug weaving by skilled artisans, inspecting the carpet for overall structural integrity. This carpet is hand-knotted on a cotton base, and it is evaluated for consistency.  

The Persian Kashan Rug RC-2221 in Toronto 

The Kashan handmade wool large-sized red and black rug is described in detail. You can read the information about all aspects of it and then make an online purchase. Offering high-quality Iranian luxury products, CyrusCrafts is reputed for sale. Send messages on WhatsApp to ensure that your desired item is available in Toronto stock. It will be delivered to your address in Toronto, Ontario. 


Persian rug

area rug

~ 9' x 12' (270cm x 360 cm)
City of Origin
Kashan, Iran
Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion Plain (Open Field)
Shah Abbasi
Store Location
2 Reviews

I wanted an area rug for outdoor space to get it down for my gatherings It worked and met my need . I like the colors and also the quality of materials used to make the whole rug and also the fringes are not too soft or too rigid. I think it is a good rug for your gathering because it is also washable easily by using the washing machine!
By Samar on 07/03/2024

once unfolded, I found out that it was light and easy to carry, I wanted it for my son’s room. it was a good choice!
By Samuel on 06/24/2024

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