The cause of split ends is damage to the hair through wrong combing, excessive stretching, excessive use of a hair dryer with hot wind or being under the sun for a long time, and using rough fabrics such as a scarf, a hat, or a pillowcase. In other words, we can say that our wrong behavior in hair maintenance causes split ends and frizz. Therefore, this article will discuss one of the most important reasons for the formation of split ends, i.e., using inappropriate hats, scarves, and pillowcases. We will discuss how we can prevent the appearance or increase of split ends by choosing a suitable pillowcase, hat, and scarf.


What are split ends

Split ends with the scientific name trichomonosis, which is a complication that occurs as a result of physical damage to the hair shaft. This problem usually occurs in the form of frizz or longitudinal split ends. The set of factors that damage the hair and cause it to be dry or brittle will eventually cause split ends in the hair. It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman; you have likely encountered a phenomenon called split ends at least once. A phenomenon in which the ends of the hair frizz or split, and it can involve all your hair. It is interesting to know that split ends are not only for head hair; they also affect many men's beards. Usually, people think of split end trimming at first; although this solution is practical and relieves you from split ends for a while, it is not permanent. Because if you don't take care of your hair correctly, you will see split ends again.

As mentioned earlier, many causes are involved in forming split ends that we can easily prevent. For example, don't wash your hair with hot water and don't use a hair dryer with hot wind. But have you ever thought about the fibers in contact with your hair all day and night? Do you know that coarse scarves and pillowcases are also one of the most critical factors in forming split ends? In your opinion, what types of fabrics are suitable for hair and beard? Some materials and fabrics can cause frizz or split ends more than thermal appliances due to friction. The friction of hair with scarves, hats, cotton towels and pillowcases accelerates the occurrence of split ends.


Prevent split ends with suitable fabrics

In general, rough fabrics cause hair to lose moisture by creating scratches on the hair's surface and causing hair to become frizzy over time. Every person puts their head and face on the pillow for an average of 8 hours daily. No matter how comfortable you think your pillow is, it can damage your skin and hair at night. If you wake up in the morning with messy hair, it's probably your pillowcase to blame. A low or average-quality pillow cover will scratch the surface of your hair and beard when you move around during sleep, and the hair on these pillows will be stretched or put under pressure; thus, split ends will occur and increase. The pillows also absorb the natural fat of the hair and make the hair dry and dull. To solve this problem, use silk for your pillow cover. Your hair slides easily on silk fabrics, and the fabric does not absorb its fat, so your pillow cannot cause split ends in your head and beard. Although different types of silk fabrics are available at various prices today, if it is difficult for you to afford silk, the second option after silk is satin fabric. The quality of satin is not as high as silk, but after silk, it is the best option as a pillowcase because satin has the same smooth texture and less friction with hair.

Many of us wear scarves or hats during some seasons, such as winter, vacations and daily outings. Rough hats and scarves can damage our hair. It is interesting to know that although cotton fabrics are soft and usually do not cause sensitivity, they have a lot of friction in contact with hair. Therefore, silk as a scarf can make the hair soft, moisturized and not tangled. For example, unlike other materials such as linen, silk allows the hair to move under the scarf and not get tangled, which significantly reduces the damage to the hair under the scarf. Thus, many people wear a silk scarf at night before sleep or buy a pillowcase made of silk to have soft and healthy hair. If you don't have a silk pillowcase, place a silk scarf on your pillow before going to sleep to get the same effect and benefits of wearing a silk scarf. If you have heavy or wavy hair, wearing a silk scarf will protect your hair and prevent split ends in the long run. Depending on how you wear it, a silk scarf can keep your hairstyle in place throughout the day and tangle-free.


As you can see, the main topic of this article is choosing hair-friendly fabrics as a cover for the head and pillow to prevent split ends. Please watch all your accessories, especially hair accessories, to be soft and harmless to your hair and skin. Please, if you have any opinion or experience about this issue, share it with us by adding a comment. Don't forget That CyrusCrafts always offers high-quality goods to make accessing the products you need easier. You can order your beautiful scarf easily and only by filling out the order form and getting it delivered to your home at the fastest time, especially in Canada and the USA.


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