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Handmade 8x10 Wool Red Persian Tabriz Rug RC-2297

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Red | Cream, Ivory

Pattern(s): Medallion

Motif: Herati

size: 6'8" by 9'10" | 207 cm by 277 cm

City of Origin: Tabriz

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


Tabriz rug is the most valued carpet among all Perian rugs. Tabriz carpets originated from the city of Tabriz, northwestern Iran. They are esteemed for their intricate designs and significant historical heritage related to the region. As a whole, Tabriz rugs are known for their high-quality materials and rich colors coupled with unique patterns. It is a testament to the legacy of Persian artistry. 

Weaving Process of Handmade Wool Persian Tabriz Rug Rc-2297

Vertical looms are typically used by the expert weavers of Tabriz rugs to make it easier to create large designs like other Tabriz carpets; this floor covering is made using vertical looms. The loom holds the warp threads while the wearers weave the weft threads. After finishing the rug weaving, the weavers try to shear the rug to make the piles even, which makes the woven carpets more stunning. The fringes are the ends of the threads, which are sometimes knotted or decorated to make them more decorative. On the other hand, this process can prevent raveling. 

Materials and designs of Handmade Persian Tabriz Rug RC-2297

This red rug is made of a combination of silk and wool on a foundation of cotton, which includes warp threads and weft threads. The cotton base of this frame provides a strong structure for these rugs and supports the dense knotting. The pile of this red rug is made of wool and silk, adding sheen to the appearance of this rug. Using silk to produce this rug gives a level of refinement and shine. 

The Handmade Wool Persian Tabriz Rug RC-1979 in Toronto 

A detailed description of the Tabriz rug is here. CyrusCrafts offers this Tabriz rug as a luxury and valuable Iranian carpet; however, watch out to ask about the availability of your desired product before placing your order. Our customer service is ready to answer your questions. The item will be delivered to your location in Toronto, Ontario. 

Iranian carpet

area rug

~ 8' x 10' (250cm x 300cm)
City of Origin
Tabriz, Iran
Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion Plain (Open Field)
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