Muslims comprise a large percentage of human societies around the world. Like other religions, they have special rites for worship, the most famous of which are praying and fasting during Ramadan.

In Islam, it is obligatory for Muslims to perform a special ritual called "prayer" in Arabic and "namaz" in Persian 5 times a day. This ritual consists of kneeling and reciting special prayers that are usually performed on a small carpet called a Prayer mat, Prayer rug, Janamaz, or sajjāda. Prayer mats can be made of Termeh or have special embroideries and needlework. In this article, we introduce you to the types of Islamic Prayer rugs, their uses, and everything you need to know about them.

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History of Prayer Mat

A prayer mat was first used by Prophet Mohammed, who often prayed on a mat made out of palm fronds called a 'khumrah' to ensure that the place where he was praying was clean. For a number of reasons, prayer mats have become increasingly popular over the years, even though they are not compulsory.

Weaving carpets is an ancient tradition transformed into an art form by Islamic culture.

For example, it is common for tourists to want to purchase carpets when visiting Muslim countries such as Iran, Turkey, Morocco, or northern India.

When ancient Middle Eastern culture of carpet weaving was combined with religion, the result was something called a prayer mat.

What Do Prayer Rugs Look Like?

In general, prayer rugs measure about one meter (or three feet) long, just long enough for an adult to kneel or prostrate comfortably on them. Modern, commercially-produced rugs are often constructed from silk or cotton.

While some rugs are made in solid colors, they are usually adorned. Islamic landmarks like the Ka'aba in Mecca or Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem are often depicted in geometric, floral, or arabesque designs. In most cases, the rug is designed with a distinct "top" and "bottom"—the bottom is where the worshipper stands, and the top points in the direction of prayer.


How to Use a Muslim Prayer Rug?

A prayer rug is used by Muslims to ensure cleanliness and to offer prayers in an isolated areas. The Islamic religion does not require its followers to worship in a clean environment, but it encourages them to do so. A prayer rug offers both of these and has become one of the most precious items of any Muslim household.

A Muslim prayer lays the rug on the ground so that the top points toward the Ka'aba. Once they are done with prayer, the rug is immediately folded and put away until the next use. Maintaining cleanliness is made easier by doing this. Prayer rugs can be used for other purposes than just being used for the performance of salat.

One of the other uses of prayer rugs is their decorative aspect. These small carpets are very similar to Oriental rugs and Persian handmade carpets. Sometimes they are woven from materials such as silk, making them more delicate and exquisite and suitable for installation on the wall.

From the time of the Ottoman Empire, it became common to use them as gifts.

Do Christians Have Prayer Mats?

In Christianity, as in Islam, there is no requirement to use prayer rugs, but Christians also use prayer mats. Christians use prayer time not for rituals and luxury but to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Lord.

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Why Are Prayer Rugs Important?

The prayer mats are actually a symbol of the humility and purity of humans before God. Kneeling and prostrating over them shows faith and humility and removes pride and selfishness. The prayer mat these days symbolizes Muslim society and reminds the followers of this divine religion wherever they are in the world. Sajjadahs are now not just tools for performing prayers or supplications but symbols of Muslims and their common language.

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Types of Prayer Rugs

Depending on your preference or need, prayer mats come in many shapes and sizes. Various materials can be used to make them, including wool, cotton, silk, polyester, and nylon.

In terms of size, they have different types. Some people are interested in having their prayer rug cover their entire head, hands, and feet during prostration. On the other hand, some people just want to ensure they put their heads on the mat.

Are Prayer Rugs Handmade?

Not necessarily. Some of them are completely machine-woven, some are entirely hand-woven, and some are a combination of both. In some prayer rugs, embroidery is hand-woven, and the rest of the rug texture is machine-woven.

Prayer mats have been popular among the followers of many religions since about 1400 years ago, during the advent of Islam and even before that, during the time of the previous prophets. They are religious and mystical symbols. Today, they can be used for worship and as an accessory or a beautiful and valuable gift.

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