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Persian 9x12 Handmade Wool Red Tabriz Rug RC-2240

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Ivory | Red

Pattern(s): Flora Allover

Motif: Herati

Size: 9'0" by 12'0" | 274 cm by 365 cm

City of Origin: Tabriz

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


Tabriz rug is one of the most significant historical heritage items in that region, reflecting the culture and artistry of the people who originally lived there. Tabriz city is also known as one of the oldest rug-weaving centers in Iran. It is reputed for its high-knot density and intricate design, and it uses fine wool to make the carpet durable and longevous. This red rug is actually a testament to the rich history, artistic ingenuity, and cultural significance of this region. 

Material and Technique of Handmade Red Tabriz Rug RC-2240

The primary material frequently used to make this red rug is fine wool, which is used for piles, leading to durability and softness. The foundation made of cotton is also another factor through which this handwoven rug has a rigid base and construction, providing strength and stability. The technique performed by the weavers mostly involves the Turkish (Ghiordes) and sometimes the Persian (senneh) knot. Due to the high knot count, the rug knitter can perform more details and intricate patterns. 

Historical and Cultural Significance of Wool Tabriz Rug RC-2240

The date of rug weaving in Tabriz city goes back to the 12th century, through which producing rugs was one of the most sought-after professions among people of that era. During that time, this city was the central hub for rug weaving. That time was the golden time of Persian art, including weaving carpets. Due to its strategic location, this city has always been an important trade route, which makes the carpets of this city valuable items to export, contributing to the local economy. 

The Persian Handmade Tabriz Rug RC-2240 in Toronto 

An in-depth piece of information about the Persian Tabriz rug is open here. It is possible now to make an online purchase; however, watch out to ask questions to ensure that the item is available or not. The desired product will be delivered to you in Toronto, Ontario. 

Persian rug

Area carpet

~ 9' x 12' (270cm x 360 cm)
City of Origin
Tabriz, Iran
Weaving Technique
Weaving Type
Floral Allover
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3 Reviews

my family members are surprised at how soft and nice it is. It completely changed the tone of my living room and gave me warmth and an inviting feeling.
By Colton on 06/29/2024

my family members are surprised at how soft and nice it is. It completely changed the tone of my living room and gave me warmth and an inviting feeling.
By AdrianKevin on 06/29/2024

The quality of this rug is great but I just received it a bit later than I expected.
By 10- Satisfying on 06/22/2024

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