Mixed Media Painting and Calligraphy
Mixed Media Painting on canvas
Mixed Media Painting and Calligraphy
Mixed Media Painting on canvas

Mixed Media Painting and Calligraphy AG-1480

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ِDimensions: 120*80 cm (Changeable)

Technique: Mixed Media of Painting and Calligraphy

Topic: Poem

Includes the artist's signature


The modern wall art you see is a mixed-media painting with two art techniques: Canvas Painting and Calligraphy. Here in this article, we want to discuss mixed media artworks. The CyrusCrafts Art Gallery contains lovely wall art designs, which you can visit on the website.
Mixed Media Calligraphy and Painting

Mixed Media Art

The mixed media technique includes a combination of several art techniques. Any work that combines techniques and materials can be called mixed media artwork. In graphics arts, mixed media artwork combines different graphic techniques, such as collage and painting, or combines two different materials, such as textiles and paper.

Today, mixed media arts are trendy worldwide, and artists create different mixed media styles daily.

In this product, the artist has used the two techniques of painting on canvas and calligraphy, an authentic Iranian technique for writing down poems beautifully. You can see the works of Iranian artists in these two techniques separately on the website.

This blue and gold wall art is CyrusCrafts first mixed media artwork; If you like it, please tell us in the Review section so we can bring you more of this modern wall art. Remember that this product is one of a kind. Still, the Persian artist is ready to make your unique calligraphy and canvas painting in optional sizes.

120*80 cm
Material AG
Mixed Media
1 Reviews

What have make this artwork such inspirational?
By Sam on 09/26/2022

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