modern calligraphy art
calligraphy penmanship - lateral
modern green calligraphy penmanship
modern calligraphy - details
modern calligraphy art
calligraphy penmanship - lateral
modern green calligraphy penmanship
modern calligraphy - details

Modern Calligraphy Art AG-1505

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Diameter: 70*50 cm

Technique: Ink on Canvas

Topic: Persian Poem

Colors: Green & Brown


The calligraphy handwriting in front of you is a calligraphy painting that the creator made only one sample. Still, you can order more of it so that the calligraphy drawing artist Cyrus will prepare it for you. Read the text below to get more information about this modern wall decor.

green and brown calligraphy penmanship

Green Calligraphy Painting

  • Technique: Calligraphy with ink is several thousand years old in Iran. The artist writes the letters beautifully in Persian ink calligraphy using simple tools like a sharpened reed pen. In the calligraphy artwork that you see, the artist has written on canvas so that you can easily frame it and use it in the interior decoration of your home or workplace. However, this artwork is beautiful and usable unframed.
  • Topic: The text on this canvas is a beautiful poem by the great Iranian poet Khayyam Neishabouri. Khayyam says in this poem: "Don't let even a second of your life pass without happiness, and know that you are the only owner in the world of your life, so spend it the way you like." Many Iranian works of art have dealt with happiness from the past until now. The great Iranian poet Maulana, known worldwide for his anthropology, says that the only purpose of life is to be happy and to make people happy.
  • A point for you: Dr. Shariati, the great Iranian philosopher, says overtalking about a beautiful subject will make us unable to drown in its beauty, so instead of talking about the details of this calligraphy painting's pattern and colors, we invite you to stare at it for a few minutes.

What you read was a brief introduction to beautiful green and brown calligraphy. To order this unique product or our other wall decor items, you can fill out the order form so that our colleagues will deliver it to you soon. Please help us by expressing your honorable comments in the Review section to get to know your taste and provide you with the products you like.

70*50 cm
Material AG
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