Islamic calligraphy in gold
ayatul kursi calligraphy
ayatul kursi calligraphy gold wall decor - details
ayatul kursi calligraphy - details
Islamic calligraphy in gold
ayatul kursi calligraphy
ayatul kursi calligraphy gold wall decor - details
ayatul kursi calligraphy - details

Ayatul Kursi Calligraphy Gold Wall Decor AG-1519

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Dimensions: 70*70 cm

Background Color: Golden

Calligraphy Color: Black

Border Color: Black

Topic: Islamic Arabic Calligraphy - Ayatul Kursi

Foundation/Material: Gold Leaf


The Ayatul Kursi calligraphic painting is Islamic calligraphy wall art. The art of calligraphy has been popular among Muslims and Iranians for a long time. With the arrival of Islam in Iran, Iranians wrote the verses of the Qur'an in types of calligraphy. So Iran has many art calligraphy products. In the following section, we describe the details and features of this modern Arabic calligraphy.

Ayatul Kursi calligraphy gold wall decor

Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art with Modern Calligraphy Letters

  • Technique: Creators of modern calligraphy artworks use new tools, materials, and methods to create new calligraphy styles. There are various calligraphy handwriting in Iran, and every calligraphist has unique calligraphy handwriting. In addition, new methods and materials for calligraphic paintings are coming every day. In creating this ayatul kursi calligraphy wall art design, also known as blackletter calligraphy, the artist has used a new method of using gold leaf. In this technique, the letters are part of the background, and the background we see is the worked part of the tablou. 
  • Application: You might be wondering why the CyrusCrafts website, which is for supplying Iranian art products to the whole world, offers an Islamic product and why people, for example, from Canada or America, who are primarily non-Muslims, should buy it. In response to this question, we say that to have a decorative calligraphy painting, you don't necessarily need to know the meaning of its words or be able to read it because the beauty of this calligraphy is such that it dazzles the eyes like a painting. For example, an abstract painting may have different meanings for each viewer; still, it will be attractive and exciting. Traditionally, Persian calligraphy deals with beautiful content. For instance, this Ayatul Kursi calligraphy tells us not to worry.

What we read together was the introduction of the AG-1519 product. You can see more Iranian art products on the website and order each one you like by filling out the order form. Our colleagues will deliver it to you as soon as possible. Remember that we are encouraged to read your valuable comments in the Review section.

70*70 cm
Material AG
Gold Leaf
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