Cyrus cylinder replica
Cyrus cylinder exact replica
Cyrus cylinder replica backward
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Cyrus cylinder replica
Cyrus cylinder exact replica
Cyrus cylinder replica backward

Cyrus Cylinder Replica HC-1671

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Height: 9 cm

Depth: 8 cm

Width: 23 cm

Weight: 3,500 grams

Material: Polyester

Application: Home Decor

100% Handmade

Easy to Clean


The Cyrus cylinder replica is an exact replication of the scroll Cyrus the Great wrote on a clay cylinder to inform people about their human rights. The HC-1671 product is made by hand, just the same as the original scroll held in the British museum.

Cyrus cylinder replica for sale

Why Buying a Cyrus Cylinder Replica?

Cyrus Cylinder is a symbol that shows human rights have been respected since ancient times. So, if you care about human rights as a humankind, you can have it as a symbol of your privileges. Here you go with the usage and applications of the Cyrus cylinder.

Applications of the Cyrus Cylinder Replica

You can buy a replica of the Cyrus Cylinder and use it for the following applications:

  • As a Desk Decoration: You can decorate your work desk with the Cyrus human rights scroll replica. It would be an ideal desk ornament for designing a professional aesthetic.
  • As a Gift: One of the most brilliant applications of the Cyrus cylinder replica is giving it as a gift. If you are wondering what to give to a friend, you can buy a Cyrus cylinder replica for them.
  • As a Bookshelf Decor: Decorate your home or office bookshelf with the oldest symbol of human rights, named Cyrus Cylinder replica.

It was all about the HC-1671 handicraft replica of the Great Cyrus's human rights scroll. You can either visit our other products or shop for anyone by filling out their order form. We deliver all your ordered items right to your address in all countries. After entering your address, the shipping cost will be calculated and reported to you.

Crepe Unica
3.5 kg (7.71 pound)
1 Reviews

Cyrus the Great was the first king that respected human rights by creating this innovative cylinder.
By Carlos on 11/23/2023

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