wood and crystal tea set
wooden and crystal tea serving set
wood and crystal tea set
wooden and crystal tea serving set

Wooden and Crystal Tea Set HC-1752

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Material: Walnut Wood & Crystal

Color: Tan Brown

Cups Diameter: 3.8 cm

Platter Diameter: 38 cm

Includes: 6 Tea Cups, a Tea Pot, and a Platter


The wood and crystal tea set HC-1752 is a compact utensil for serving hot beverages. It encloses a  warmer that holds the teapot in order to keep the tea warm. Here are the features of the crystal and wooden tea set.

wooden and crystal tea set

Wooden and Crystal Tea Set Features

This product is a unique tea service set thanks to its impressive features. Briefly, it retains:

  • Pieces: A wooden platter with divided spaces for glasses, sweets, and warmer, a crystal teapot, and six stunning glasses.
  • Materials: Handcarved walnut wood, which is one the high quality types of wood for producing home decorative items and grade one crystal.
  • Design: The design of this tea set is in such a way that you can easily serve hot drinks in your gather around and parties. And the warmer keeps it hot for a long time.

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Tea Serving Set
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