18 flames Chandelier H6646/12 Chrome
Elegant chrome Chandelier  H6646/12
18 flames Chandelier H6646/12 Chrome
Elegant chrome Chandelier  H6646/12

Elegant Chrome Crystal Chandelier ID-276

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Material Body: Metal & Crystal

Color: Chrome

Size: 37.40*37.40 in

Weight: 24 kilogram

Number of flames: 18

Height: 39.37 in

Easy to clean


Chrome chandelier with crystal design

The chandelier is one of the most common decorative items in home decorating. As you know, in the past, chandeliers were exclusive and were used only for certain cortical houses. Nowadays everyone buys a chandelier for meeting their lighting needs and also as a luxury accessory for designing their houses. The chandelier decorated modern style elements made up of exceptional quality chrome metal cage and clear crystal. It has the ideal brightness for indoor use.
The modern chandelier is perfect for the kitchen, foyer, entrance, living room, and baby room.

special chandelier

chrome chandelier's body material

In making Cheshmeh Noor crystal chandeliers, metal and glass are beautifully put together in making this product.

This chandelier is in a good condition in terms of height and has a normal weight so there is no problem installing it.

This beautiful chandelier has nano-plated which has high resistance to scratches and impacts.

Ordering this beautiful chandelier is so simple. You need to fill out the order form, and then our colleagues will deliver your orders right to your house in the fastest time. Remember that seeing your comments in the Review section makes us so happy. So please tell us what you think about the CyrusCrafts Persian products.

37.40*37.40*39.37 inches
24 KG
Bedrooms, Living Room, House
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