Unique Dining Room White Chandelier
Unique Dining Room White Chandelier -  lateral
Unique Dining Room White Chandelier - remote
Unique Dining Room White Chandelier
Unique Dining Room White Chandelier -  lateral
Unique Dining Room White Chandelier - remote

Unique Remote Control White Chandelier ID-443

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Body Material: Aluminium

Shape: Square

Color: White

Weight: 1.48 Kg

Dimensions: 19.68* 19.68* 25.59 in

Height: 25.59 in

Has two rings with dimensions of 11.81 and 19.68 Inches.

Type of lamp: SMD 

Remote: Yes

Easy to Clean


Unique Dining Room White Chandelier ID-443

Remote chandeliers are one of the most common decorative items in home decorating. As you know, in the past, chandeliers were exclusive and were used only for certain cortical houses. One of the most common concerns of all people when choosing and buying a chandelier suitable for the space is what features this selected and purchased chandelier should have.

Body Material of the white dining room chandelier

Aluminum is used in the manufacture of remote chandeliers. The chandelier with the remote is in a good condition in terms of height and has a normal weight so there is no problem installing it. This beautiful remote chandelier has nano-plated, which is very resistant to scratches.

These modern chandeliers are suitable for a variety of spaces like

Small chandeliers often have a square or circular ring and, in some models, have stars and other shapes. It is famous for teenagers' bedrooms and living rooms with traditional decorations that use these small chandeliers. A small chandelier can be placed elegantly and beautifully in your space's interior design, as it can be adjusted in height and standing position.

Unique White Dining Room Chandelier

A user's guide to the remote control for modern chandeliers

First, scan the barcode and install it on the desired software box (Zhi Guang). Turn on Bluetooth, the language of the software is Chinese, and you can use the + option at the top of the page, the third option, and then the first option, then the power. Using the remote, disconnecting the switch, or unplugging the chandelier is the only way to disconnect it. Once the remote is turned on or pressed, press the setup key, then quickly press the PAIR key. Once connected to the power supply, press the button within 10 seconds.

19.68* 19.68* 25.59 Inches
1.48 Kg
Kitchen, bedroom, baby room, interiors, hall, and living room
Home Decoration
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