Khatamkari Chess & Backgammon Set HC-1700
Khatamkari Chess & Backgammon Set
Chess & Backgammon Set
Khatamkari Chess & Backgammon Set HC-1700
Khatamkari Chess & Backgammon Set
Chess & Backgammon Set

Khatamkari Chess & Backgammon Set HC-1700

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Handmade Wooden Inlay Backgammon 

Length 50 cm

Width 50 cm

Material: Wood

Technique: Khatamkari


Backgammon and chess boards, entirely crafted with marquetry, are beautiful and eye-catching products manufactured by Persian handicrafts. Due to the use of wood glue in this product, it exhibits exceptional durability. The internal knots of the backgammon board enhance its beauty twofold. The polyester used in this backgammon board is of the highest quality, specifically for marquetry products.

About Khatamkari Chess & Backgammon Set HC-1699

Backgammon and chess boards, meticulously crafted with marquetry, stand as exquisite and captivating pieces produced by the skilled artisans of Persian handicrafts. Incorporating wood glue in the manufacturing process adds a layer of exceptional durability to these boards, providing a long-lasting and resilient product. The intricate internal knots within the backgammon board contribute to its structural integrity and elevate its aesthetic appeal twofold.

Moreover, the polyester used in creating these backgammon boards is of the utmost quality and meticulously chosen to meet the exacting standards of marquetry craftsmanship. This deliberate choice enhances these unique pieces' visual allure, quality, and longevity. The marriage of traditional marquetry techniques with modern materials results in a perfect blend of artistry and durability, making these backgammon and chess boards a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Persian artistic traditions.

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Backgammon Set
Chess Set
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