Persian chess Board
Wooden Chess Board
Chess Board handicraft
handmade Chess Board
Persian chess Board
Wooden Chess Board
Chess Board handicraft
handmade Chess Board

Persian wooden Chessboard HC-271

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Khatam Kari Wood Art

Made by Professional Artists

Size: 15*2*30 cm

Material: Wood

Weight: 450 gr

Color: Brown

Usage: Entertainment


This portable mini chess is exciting. You can quickly put it in your handbag without making your bag heavy. You can also consider this chess set as a gift for your friends or family.

Persian Chess Board Khatamkari HC-271 Details

Intricately inlaid handcrafted Persian chess game board and pieces. Handcrafted beautiful Middle Eastern Persian Khatam chessboard covered with very delicate micro mosaic marquetry (Khatam Kari) from the ancient Persian technique of inlaying from arrangements of so many delicate pieces of wood, camel bones, precious wood, and delicate miniatures paintings. CyrusCrafts brings you the best.


Why CyrusCrafts™?

CyrusCrafts™ by an excellent infrastructure background, professional and specialized activity in the field of sales and export of high-quality vintage and modern Iranian goods to different parts of the world, is now proud to offer you the most peculiar and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Support Customers and after-sales service, responsibly.

We present The Originality, quality, beauty, uniqueness, health, and a good sense of a safe purchase and delivery.

5.90 * 11.81 * 0.78 inch (15*2*30 cm)
450 gr
Chess Set
KhatamKari (Wood Inlay)
1 Reviews

Persian wooden chessboard is light and easy to transform. The top-quality wood material is the other good point I can mention. After that, the low price makes it an excellent choice to order.
By Muhammad on 07/23/2022

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